Easy Bulk Emails Platform

Newsletter Platform The Biz Connection is mainly a Bulk Email Services and it is strictly dedicated to businesses. Biz Connection Bulk Email Services make a difference between other Bulk Emails Services by:

  • Using Biz Connection Bulk Email Services, your customers and clients eMails Addresses uploaded and used here are yours (Each account on Biz Connection has a separate database)
  • There are no “SEO companies” using this system and no individuals who are spamming. It means the Biz Connection Bulk Emails Services reputation will not be compromised and your emails sent to your targets will have more chances to get into their inbox and not into their spam folder
  • Using Biz Connection Bulk Email Services, images are embedded into emails sent and users are not forced to “allow images to be displayed” to see properly your massage
  • The Biz Connection Bulk Emails platform is customised to fits your company brand

Organising your newsletter and emails campaigns should be fun:

  • Send beautiful email campaigns, track the results and manage your subscribers.
  • It is easy and most cost effective way of keeping in touch with your clients & customers.

Take advantage today of powerful email campaigns.

Publish Your Own Online Magazine

Online Magazine Here you can publish your own magazine online. It is easy as copy and paste from your word document and you can enhance your pages with photos and videos.
Just think of what you could do with your very own online magazine:

  • Talk and spread the word about your business, products and or services
  • Write article that will catch the interest into your business area
  • Write news and archive all your newsletter online for your clients and customers
  • Attach an external blog to your existing website
  • Create for you the online image of being an important player in your industry
  • Create direct links to your website and help increase your website ranking within search engines

Get started today your online magazine.

Full Website

Get a website for you without hassle: no hosting needed, no security problems, no developing costs, great exposure, unlimited number of pages etc. On top easy to use as copy and paste from your word document and tutorials to guide you step by step in creating your pages. This Full Website is a great opportunity for:

  • Create your online portfolio
  • Go online: business presentation pages & Contact pages / Booking pages
  • This website is an opportunity for you to test the online side of your business without investing in web development
  • Great exposure and visibility

You will have your branded website on Biz Connection. Start now your online presence!

Business Directory

Business Directory Biz Connection by itself is a business directory through its multitude of business listed here. If you are present here, people and search engines will be easy finding you. Your business will be found online not only through your website, but through our Biz Connection as well.
It is well known that directory listing is important for Search Engine Optimisation and helps to increase the ranking within Search Engines.
If you have any account on Biz Connection, you are in our Business Directory listed.

Get into Biz Connection today to increase your business exposure in front of your targeted audience!

Social Media Networks

Social Media Networks
Social Networks are viral media to spread news and details about your business. On Biz Connection we have integrated a powerful widget to allow any user is coming in contact with your pages or posts on Biz Connection to share them within their networks. In this way we make sure you will never waste any opportunity to share your content here.
Get your Biz Connection account today to enhance your audience!

News Feeder

News Feeder Biz Connection Websites have enabled news feeders. Keep in contact with your clients and customers and allow them to receive your news in their email box.
Your news feeder subscribers will receive just your news, we will not spam them. Your Website on Biz Connection has its own database, no mixed news or subscriber lists with other companies presented on this platform.
Biz Connection is a complex platform that allows your business to grow and create appearance of a solid and trusting business through details such as News Feeder.
Buy now your own account on Biz Connection!

Banners Rotator

Banner Rotator Biz Connection Websites have enabled banners rotator. This means that you can create, administrate and see statistic for advertising banners into your Website on Biz Connection platform.
You can create unlimited image (JPG,PNG,GIF,etc), and code ads/banners, manage them all in the administration panel and see their stats with impressions, clicks and a CTR ratio.
With Ads, Zones and Sizes and the different methods of placing ads on your Website on Biz Connection, the possibilities are endless and the combinations give you the flexibility you need.

Banners Rotator features in conjunction with Biz Connection visibility through Search Engines will get the most advertising results for your business. Buy your Biz Connection Account now!

Mobile Website

Mobile Websites Biz Connection Websites have the option of being optimised for mobile devices.
The reason of having a website for mobile devices is because the mobile phone is carried with us everywhere and we use mobile phones not only for calls and texting, but more and more to navigate online because is easy, available and we are at one click distance from information that we need.
Developing the mobile version of your website is costly comparing with opportunity offered by Biz Connection.
Have your mobile website today with Biz Connection! It is easy and quick! Buy your account now!

Online Front Shop

Online Shop At last but not least, Biz Connection Website can be converted in shop online for you, quick and easy to use.
If you have just few products to sell or you need to test the market or you have a temporal opportunity in selling something or just to take advantage of Biz Connection visibility, having your online shop on Biz Connection Platform does worth.
Choosing to open your online shop on Biz Connection will save you time and money. You will benefit of a secure online shop with visibility and user friendly interface to ensure that clients will finalise their buying processes.
Our expertise and experience will help you to get the sells you need. Get your online shop on Biz Connection now! Buy your account on Biz Connection now!

More features will be added to Biz Connection platform to help your business. Create your website on Facebook through Biz Connection platform, organise professional surveys or online competition with vote system integrated, hot deals area, monitoring your website on Biz Connection to see its efficiency for your business and so on.
Suggest us what feature you will like to have on your Biz Connection Website. It is a big probability that we can meet your expectations.

With Biz Connection Websites versatility and Biz Connection platform visibility, your business exposure and increasing is not a doubt.
Biz Connection does advertise its customers on home page to ensure that every customer Website has equal chance of visibility.
You have so many reasons to apply for a Biz Connection account, do not hesitate and do not wait. Start Now!