Create and Manage Mailing Lists and Groups


Any subscriber has iti own email address. It can have assigned Name, Web, Company etc (aditional but not mandatory piece of information)

Many subscribers can be grouped in “Mailing List”. When you create a mailing list give relevant name and add into subscribers that have something in common for example: all your customers – named it : “Customers” Send them products updated.

Many mailing list can be added in one Group (of mailing lists). A Group is create to allow you to send a newsletter to multiple mailing lists with a click of mouse. Groups are very useful when you have many mailing lists.

On BizConnection, in theory number of emails you can upload on your system are wit no limit.

Just watch the video, start / stop anytime and start creating your mailing lists.

This video presents basic information about Newsletter Groups, Mailing lists and subscribers. How may types of mailing list are )specific criteria). What is a group
What is the meaning of a group and mailing lists. Managing group and mailing lists. The subscribe procedure and how to create manual subscribers into a mailing lis.